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Plymouth Dance Festival 2018 Tell your friends! Processing now complete

Update! - 17/09/2018

Plymouth Dance Festival 2018 Live!

Live shots taken at this year's festival have now uploaded. 

(final Sunday's shots will be up at about 22:45 Mon eve)
Let all your friends know if they havent seen them yet!

Click on the image above to start browsing.

Please remember that the quality will be less that the images you receive from the studio orders. Captured dance moves may not demonstrate the full capabilities of each dancer - care is taken to decide which images are appropriate to upload.

IMPORTANT: A number of you have been asking "where are the live pictures of my child?"
We were not able to be present at all the live performances. When specifically requested, we did our best to get to the studio or theater to shoot. Whilst there, we took the opportunity to cature other dancers in that section. Not all photographs end up being suitable for displaying on the website. Sometimes the action is so fast that we get blurred images or out-of-focus images. The lighting in the theatre is quite poor and are not able to get very high quality images.
We do our very best to get good results and many of you have commented on the amazing shots on display. Please feedback any thoughts or ideas to us for future events.



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